Sunday, July 7, 2013

Terrorist Takedown War In Colombia

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Terrorist Takedown War In Colombia - The story starts when U.S. Army 'advisers' came under fire while spraying defoliant on coca crops east of Bogota. This has escalated into full-scale war within an hour. The Army had stumbled upon the main operation of the Bendicion drug cartel the biggest in Colombia. And now it faced a ruthless enemy with more men and the best weapons that drug money could buy.

The uphill battle opens up a rare opportunity. Bendicion's three drug lords are all on site. Jose Esquilla is the man who runs the campesinos and is successfully growing coca faster than the U.S. can spray it. Nelson Sadilla is the man who manufactures the cocaine paste with brutal efficiency. And Tomas Alphonso Archangel is the ex-paramilitary mastermind that now protects every phase of the multi-billon-dollar operation with well-equipped footsoldiers, tanks, missiles and planes.

Eager to retire these three kingpins, the U.S. Government mobilizes Captain Jake Jeffers to the hot zone. Can one man penetrate the drug lords' massive defenses and turn the tide of jungle war? If he's a Vector for the U.S. black operation OGA-CID, he has a fighting chance.

Minimum System Requirements :
Processor : @ 1.6 Gh
RAM : 512 MB
HDD :2 GB Free
DirectX : Versi 9.0c

You can download the game HERE

Install Notes :

Download All Part (Part 1 - Part 5).
Place In One Folder.
Ekstract Part 1, And will extract all part automaticly.
Run "Setup.exe", Going Install to sucess.
Dont Run game or Exit game if have run the game.
Copy "ChromeEngine2.dll" From Crack Folder, Paste the crack file to Teerorist Takedown
Default Installation ~ C:\Program Files\City Interactive\Terrorist Takedown - War in Colombia\
Run Game
Enjoy. Buy It If You Like This Game.

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